Reptiles Are Stolen

Have you ever thought of stealing a reptile? Why would you want to and what would you do with the stolen goods?

Over 50 reptiles were recently stolen at an Australian animal education center. This center was established to honor the deceased Steven Irwin, also commonly know as the “Crocodile Hunter.” Irwin died recently during a tragic and unpredictable accident – he was famous for his love of wildlife – especially marine life. exotic reptiles for sale

Stolen reptiles included a crocodile, two pythons, and three bearded dragons- all of which require a license to own. The center’s entire stock of the blue-tongue lizards were also taken from the thief. Officials at the center showed disgust at the thievery, as the reptiles were used to educate children in honor of Irwin. It is the disrespect for Irwin as well as the theft itself that angers people.

The crime itself must have been late in the evening- or early in the morning- as signs were discovered upon opening the exhibit. The means of transporting all of the reptiles is unknown, but it is expected that much thought was put into the operation. Some of the reptiles need special lighting and care, so it is very possible that not all of them will make it out of this ordeal alive.

There are no leads yet, but a motive is clear. Such reptiles can catch high prices on the black market, where collectors will shell out big bucks for these kinds of reptiles. The center doesn’t expect to find the reptiles, but has since upped its security.


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