A Guide to Living in Student Housing

If you are seeking residence for while you are attending college or university, you should research the basics of living away from home in student housing. This will be your first experience living without your mother and father, so it may seem a bit overwhelming; however, just relax. With some patience, some time, and a bit of information, you will be able to handle this transition easily and still be able to keep up with your studies. student properties in lancaster

Distance From Your Classes

Most universities are located in big cities but because you will be living on or near campus, this is a great time to consider saving on your petrol costs if you own a car. The price of fuel continues to rise drastically, so if you can, spare yourself this additional cost and find other modes of transportation while on or around campus. If you simply live a few blocks away from your campus, you could consider walking or biking to your classes or other functions. This is not only going to save you on fuel, but it will also save you from packing on those extra pounds, known as the Freshman 15.

Transportation Options

The Freshman 15 is the number of pounds that an average beginning college student packs on during their first year of college. It will serve you well to invest in a bicycle. Again, this will not only save on fuel, but it will give you a great cardio workout and increase your natural energy. Keeping your energy level up will keep you awake throughout all of your classes. There are also public transportation systems that can be utilised, such as buses, trams and trains, and this is a very popular choice for students of all ages. It is definitely much cheaper to take the bus than it is to drive your vehicle. If you don’t want to take any of these routes and are more comfortable in a car, you could consider carpooling with other students who also have vehicles. You can all take turns paying for the petrol, keeping it much cheaper than simply filling your own tank all the time.

Learning to Live on Your Own

Living on your own also means that your meals will not be provided by your mother anymore. Learning how to live, and eat, within your means is all a part of this coming-of-age process. You need to learn how to budget, buy in bulk, and stock up on items that are non-perishable. Perhaps you think that if you eat out on the value menus that it will save you money; however, the opposite is actually true. Eating out truly adds up over time, so much so that you can actually save quite a bit by simply eating at home. You can also sign up for a cafeteria meal program with your college.

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